sIMPLEk – A tuning assembly kit for Bosch & Yamaha E Bikes

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With the sIMPLEk Tuning Tool, you can completely eliminate the speed limits of Bosch and Yamaha E Bikes. The special feature of this tuning tool is that it is a kit that has to be assembled by the customer itself before it can be used - but customers have the advantage that they benefit from an extremely low price. 

In order to assemble the tuning kit (consisting of PCB, microcontroller, capacitor, diode & industrial connector), however, it is necessary to use a soldering iron - so a little bit of DIY is needed here. We will soon add a suitable soldering iron to our shop. The installation of the assembled tuning tool is very simple; you just have to switch sIMPLEk between the speed sensor and the engine unit. After its installation, the tuning tool is not visible from the outside anymore. 

Another special feature of this tuning tool is that the current speed will still be displayed correctly after installation - but a little different than you are used to from other tuning tools: The actual speed is represented by the second digit and the decimal place of the electric bike´s speed display. This means that if the display shows, for example, 14.7 km/h when the tuning is activated, the true speed is 47 km/h and so on. Maximum speed, total and distance kilometres are displayed correctly - however, these data are only adjusted after about 1 minute at standstill.

After installing the sIMPLEk tuning tool, the tuning is always deactivated when you switch on the E Bike. To activate the tuning, you simply have to switch off your electric bike within 10 seconds after starting and switch it on again. By the way, you can solder a certain connection on the circuit board in such a way that tuning is always activated as soon as you switch on the E Bike.

This product is made in Germany.