GreenPed: Electric Bicycle Tuning for Yamaha Syncdrive


GreenPedGreenPed is a tuning tool especially for electric bikes driven by Yamaha SyncDrive systems (like they are being used in GIANT electric bikes). This device can be conveniently controlled with a free Smartphone App which enables a large number of configuration options. The GreenPed module does not only take away the 25 km/h speed restriction, you can also set the level of the max engine support individually from 15 to 75 km/h (approx. 46 mph). Even if the tuning is active, your Yamaha display will still show the correct speed. A great advantage of this device is that the Smartphone App can show you many more parameters than the ordinary Yamaha display. For this reason, the GreenPed comes with a Smartphone holder for your handlebars – this ensures you´ll always have a good view on your Smartphone´s display while you are on the road. By the way, thanks to the fact that you can activate / deactivate the GreenPed with your light button, you don´t have to take your Smartphone with you each time you want to use your bike. Easy installation (all required tools are included). This device is a very comfortable tuning solution for Yamaha Syncdrive electric bike systems.


GreenPed for Yamaha Syncdrive