eMax software – tuning for Shimano STEPS E8000


eMax SoftwareThe eMax software (eMax.bike) is one of the most attractive and advanced tuning options for electric bikes with Shimano STEPS E8000 drive systems. It works perfectly with manual and also electronic (Di2) derailleur systems.

Unlike other tuning tools, eMax is purely software-based and does not need any physical module or box. Therefore no mechanical installations on the bike are necessary. A prerequisite for using the eMax software is that you have access to a Windows PC and a Shimano SM-PCE1 interface. The eMax software enables you to set the level for the maximum motor support individually up to 60 km/h for each three support modes (ECO, TRAIL, BOOST). All parameters on the bike display (like speed and distance) will be shown correctly.

You can download the eMax software free of charge and check the communication to your bike via PC and PCE1 interface before you order the licence key. If everything runs well, you can order a licence key from us to unlock the tuning functions of the eMax software. Each licence key is limited to one electric bike.
Of course, you can modify your bike many times and also undo the modifications very easy at any time to restore your electric bikes original settings.

Product: eMax Software

Instruction: eMax_EN.pdf Adobe PDF Document, 1MB, Language: english

Instruction: eMax_DE.pdf Adobe PDF Document, 1MB, Language: german

Download of eMax program: eMax.zip ZIP - Archiv, 40 KB

eMax Software for Shimano E8000