EBikeSpider – A Multifunctional Special Tool for Bosch Electric Bikes

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The EBikeSpider (www.ebikespider.com) replaces several Bosch special tools, which are needed to install tuning tools into Bosch electric bikes, in one handy product. In the first place, the EBikeSpider is needed to conveniently open and close the lock ring of Bosch electric bike engines.

Tip: You can buy the EBikeSpider separately or in a practical bundle with a crank puller. You can use the crank puller to loosen or tighten the pedal crank. Thereby, the EBikeSpider can be used as a 22 key to operate the crank puller.

You can use the EBikeSpider / Crank Puller bundle to:

- Open and close the electric bike engine (Bosch Classic).
- Open and close the lock ring (Bosch Classic, Active, Performance & CX).
- Change the chain ring.
- Loosen the pedal crank.
- Carry out other tasks like inserting a bearing protector (Bosch Active, Performance & CX).

Summary: If you use the EBikeSpider / Crank Puller bundle you got two excellent special tools which are mandatory to install the tuning tools mentioned into your Bosch electric bike. Furthermore, you don´t have to visit a repair shop and you can save a lot of money, because each Bosch spider tool costs about 30 Euro separately – the EBikeSpider is much cheaper and only costs 23,90 Euro (the EBikeSpider / Crank Puller bundle only costs 29,90 Euro).

Please note: On some e fatbikes the Spider nuts can be recessed inside, so the EBikeSpider unfortunately can not fit with his comprehensive approach. This generally applies to Haibike chainrings for e fatbikes as well as Miranda locking rings for Bosch E Bikes.

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