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The BluePed tuning tool for Yamaha electric bikes can be conveniently controlled with a free Smartphone App (Android / iPhone). For this reason, the BluePed module offers an unusually large number of configuration options. For example, you can set the maximum engine support to an individual level from 15 up to 75 km/h (about 47 mph). Even if the tuning is activated, your electric bikes display will still show the correct speed and other parameters. However, thanks to App your Smartphone display can show you even more parameters than your Yamaha display. The BluePed module can be conveniently switched on / off via your electric bikes light switch. That means it is not mandatory that you have to take your Smartphone with you every time you want to use your bike. In fact, you only need the Smartphone App to specify the BluePed modules settings (after that, the settings will be automatically saved). All in all, the BluePed module is definitely one of the most elegant tuning tools for Yamaha electric bike engines.


BluePed App – Requirements:

BlackPed Modul

- Android as from 5.2 to 6
- iOS as from 9.2

Data on the display: - Current speed
- Maximum speed
- Average speed
- Total travel time
- Current distance
- Total distance
- Remaining kilometres with engine support (range)
- Battery status
- Current battery charge level in percent divided by Ø per kilometres (B-range)
- RPM (current pedal frequency)
- Average RPM (ØRPM)
- Maximum RPM (MRPM)
- Support Level (STD)
- Current power (PWR)
- Average power (ØPWR)
- Battery percent per driven kilometres (% per KM)
- Average value of the last 5 kilometres (Ø % per KM)
- Reset
BluePed App – Settings: - Always ON / OFF
- Temporarily ON / OFF
- Visibility
- Wheel Size
- Maximum Speed
- Module Name
- PIN Code
- Total Kilometres
- Activation via Light Switch
- Support Level
- Reset
Instructions:  BluePed_Manual.pdf 1,3 MB)
Yamaha Powerdrive: BluePed for Yamaha Powerdrive



BluePed for Yamaha Powerdrive