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If you tune your electric bicycle with the Badass Box, you can undo the tuning whenever you want without problems – simply remove the Box. The Box itself is very compact and only as big as a matchbox. You can easily pack it away and take it with you if you park your electric bike anywhere in public places.

The Chiptuning Box can be installed very easily – even technical non-experts should have absolutely no problems with it. Its fundamental functionality is as simple as it is ingenious: If you reach a speed of (approximately) 16 km/h, the Chiptuning Box will halve the transmitted speed by which the engine support will be shifted up to 50 km/h (or even more). The Badassebikes Chiptuning Box is a high-quality product made in Germany.

Badass Box 4 a completely new product

For many E Bikes, a new version of this tried and tested tuning tool, the Badass Box 4, has now been launched on the market. This Badass Box variant also removes the 25 km/h speed limit, but the Badass Box 4 has a number of advantages over the previous version:

  1. A new, slimmer case with patented snap lock that allows even faster mounting and dismounting of the box.
  2. The previous CR2 battery has been replaced by a more powerful AAA battery, which is not only cheaper and lighter, but also extends the range to over 7000 km.
  3. In addition, a special sealing compound provides additional protection against moisture and mechanical stress.

There´s no doubt about it: If you want to tune Bosch, Impulse, Brose, Specialized-Set, Specialized-Set Turbo Levo 2019 / 2020, Giant, Yamaha, Panasonic, Pendix, Polini, Sachs, TQ, Bafang or Shimano electric bikes the Badass Box is one of the most convenient solutions at the moment.

What can you do if the magnet is not located in the correct position?

The Chiptuning Box has to be installed on the original speed sensor of your electric bike. Simply plug it in and secure it with a rubber ring. After that, the magnet has to be repositioned on the bicycle spoke – and your electric bike is ready and tuned. But there can be problems if the magnet isn´t located in the correct position. If this is the case we recommend the following:

  1. Place the magnet approximately 2 cm behind the Chiptuning Box, namely towards the wheel centre.
  2. Rotate the wheel at least 5 times and check out if the display shows a speed.
  3. If no speed is displayed, shift the magnet 2 mm in the direction of the box.
  4. Now a speed should be shown. If this is the case, you can move the magnet 1 mm further in the direction of the box.
  5. Now the magnet should be in the correct position.

Very important: If possible, turn the magnets front surface upwards or downwards. You have to rotate the wheel at least 5 times – if you don´t do that, the Badassebikes Chiptuning Box hasn´t got sufficient opportunity to wake up from a possible Standby-mode.

Unfortunately we can´t tell you a more precise position specification, because there are different types of wheels and the distance can vary. But if you exactly follow the instructions we gave you, it should be no problem to place the magnet in the correct position.


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