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1 About Yamaha Engines

The history of the well-known company Yamaha dates back to 1887, the year Yamaha was founded by Torakusu Yamaha in Japan. The product range includes articles from the areas of electronics, HIFI and musical instruments. The “Yamaha Motor Corporation” is a subsidiary company (founded in 1955). This corporation manufactures motorcycles, quads, engines etc. The new Yamaha mid-mounted electric bike engines became a real competition for the successful Bosch electric bike drive systems.

2 Yamaha Electric Bike Engines

The first Yamaha mid-mounted engine was already introduced onto the market in the year 1993 (!). Especially in Asia, Yamaha electric bike drive systems are very popular.
In 2014, Yamaha released a new mid-mounted engine drive system called “Next generation”. These drive systems are being used in, for example, GIANT E Bikes (Full-series, Prime & Explore series). The new Yamaha engines belong to the best electric bike drive systems on the market. They represent a genuine alternative to comparable Bosch engines.
The advantages of the Yamaha Powerdrive Next generation mid-mounted engines at a glance:
- Small and compact, but very powerful.
- Maximum torque: 60-80 Nm.
- Very lightweight (about 3,5 kg).
The Yamaha Next Generation E Bike engines are based on a 4 sensor technology (pedal frequency, power, engine speed, speed sensor). The associated battery (400 Wh) is much more powerful than its predecessor.

During the last years, there have been miscellaneous technological developments in the area of Yamaha drive systems. As a result, we nowadays have to distinguish between different Yamaha electric bike drive systems (current status 2017):
a Yamaha PW (Powerdrive)
The Yamaha PW engine has been brought onto the market in 2014. Nowadays, it is being used in many electric bikes. This engine attracted considerable attention because it was relatively small and lightweight, but nevertheless very strong (70 Nm). Thanks to its three sensors the engine had very fine response behaviour. There were four support modes. Here we compiled the most important technical data of the Yamaha PW (Powerdrive) engine:
Power nominal: 250 W
Motor support: 25 km/h
Power maximal: 400 W
Torque: Peak torque 80 Nm (continuously) / max. torque 70 Nm
Gears: Hub gear / derailleur system
Weight: 3,5 kg
b Yamaha PW-X
This powerful drive system has been brought onto the market in 2017. It was especially developed for the use in E-Mountain Bikes. Something very interesting about this drive system is a fifth support mode (“Extra Power Mode”), which is optimized for steep ascents. The reaction behaviour has been improved, too. The power has been raised to 80 Nm. In comparison to the Yamaha PW drive system, the engine support is much more subtle. The weight of the engine has been reduced from 3,5 to 3,1 kg. Another new feature is a powerful 500 Wh battery.
By the way: The electric bike manufacturer GIANT also uses the PW-X mid-mounted engines, but calls the system “SyncDrive Pro”, because it has been equipped with a special software developed by GIANT. The torque is 80 Nm, too. The performance has also been slightly increased – as a result, in the “Power” mode the support now reaches up to 360%. Even the weight and the measurements have been slightly reduced (in comparison to Yamaha PW-X). GIANT SyncDrive Pro comes with the powerful 500 Wh battery, too (however, older models can be upgraded with this battery, too).
c Yamaha SyncDrive
The compact Yamaha SyncDrive mid-mounted engine has a capacity of 250 W and a powerful maximum torque of 70 Nm. What´s so special about this system is the so-called “Zero Cadence Support” – that means, the engine supports from the first crank turn, without any delay. Another advantage of this system is that the engine with crank set can be combined with a double chain ring, which enables you to ride with a higher pedal frequency on gradients. The system has got 4 support modes. In most cases, the Yamaha SyncDrive system is equipped with a 400 Wh battery.
By the way: The established SyncDrive drive system, which is being used in GIANT Full-E+ bikes, still exists – but now under the new designation “SyncDrive Sport”.

3 Is it possible to optimize / tune Yamaha engines?

Yes! In the meantime there are at least six recommendable tuning tools which you can use to tune Yamaha electric bike engines to make them much faster. There are tuning tools for all Yamaha drive systems available: Powerdrive / SyncDrive / PW-X.

4 Which Yamaha Tuning Tools do exist?

We want to present you some really good Yamaha electric bike tuning Products – for example, the new BluePed module, the Badassebikes Chiptuning Box and the Sx2 Dongle.

A BluePed


The BluePed module is one of the most elegant tuning solutions for electric bikes with Yamaha mid-mounted engines. This tuning tool can be conveniently controlled with a free Smartphone App. One of the big advantages of this device is that it offers an unusually large number of configuration options. The BluePed module does not only take away your electric bike engines 25 km/h speed restriction, it also enables you to set the level of the maximum engine support individually from 15 km/h up to 75 km/h (about 47 mph). Another advantage of this tuning tool is that your electric bike display will show all data correctly (current speed etc.). But if you use the BluePed App, your Smartphone display can even show you many more parameters! To make sure you always have a good view on your Smartphone display while you are riding, the BluePed tuning tool comes with a special Smartphone holder for your bicycle handlebar. Hint: In principle, the BluePed App is only needed to adjust the settings of the BluePed module (wirelessly via Bluetooth). All settings will be automatically saved. Due to the fact that the BluePed device can be switched on / off with your electric bikes light switch, you do not have to take your Smartphone with you every time you want to use your bike. Compatible with Yamaha Powerdrive. more


B BlackPed Yamaha PW and PW-X / BlackPed+ Yamaha Syncdrive and PW-X

BlackPedThe new BlackPed enables electric bike tuning with a Smartphone App. After the BlackPed module has been installed into the engine compartment, you can use the (free) App to make various settings: You can adjust the maximum motor support (“PumaPed 1” until 100 km/h / “PumaPed 2” until 75 km/h), define the wheel size and much more. Of course, you can use the App to turn the BlackPed on or off, too. Because all settings you make will be automatically saved, the Smartphone does not have to be connected to the BlackPed module all the time – this means, you can use the BlackPed module without Smartphone, too. If you use the new BlackPed module, your Smartphone display will always show the correct speed, even if the tuning is activated – this is very comfortable if you fix your Smartphone to the handlebar with a special holder. BlackPed is compatible with Yamaha Powerdrive and PW-X, BlackPed+ is compatible with Yamaha Syncdrive and PW-X. more


C Badass Box V3.4 and V4 for Yamaha

Badassebikes Box for YamahaThe Badassebikes Chiptuning Box doubles the engine support of Yamaha electric bike engines from 25 km/h to twice as fast 50 km/h. The Box can be installed and uninstalled within a few seconds. After the Box has been removed, the electric bicycle is restored to its original condition – this means, the tuning is undone and you can use your electric bike on public roads again. The energy supply comes from a battery with a range of 6.000 km (!), thanks to low-power-technology. The Box, which only has the size of a matchbox, has no electrical contact to the system. By the way: The Badassebikes Chiptuning Box works with all Pedelecs of the same system, regardless of wheel size, model variant or year of manufacture. Compatible with Yamaha Powerdrive engines (Haibike, Bulls,...), Yamaha SyncDrive (GIANT), PW-X and PW-SE. more

Badass Box V3.4 for Yamaha Badass Box V4 for Yamaha

D Sx2 Dongle

Sx2 Dongle for YamahaThis is another tuning tool which is compatible with Yamaha mid-mounted engines, too. It is being produced by the German company maintronic. This approved device is integrated into a compact jack plug, which has to be connected to the electric bikes speed sensor with a special cable set. If this is done, the engine support will be doubled from 25 km/h to 50 km/h. Since the Dongle activates itself automatically at a speed of (about) 20 km/h, all driving modes will be maintained (no intervention in the engine electronics). The Sx2 Dongle needs no extra battery. Of course, the device is 100% outdoor suitable and maintenance free. If you want to cancel the tuning, simply pull off the Dongle. Important: If you want to order the Sx2 Dongle, you have to indicate your wheel size: 20” / 26” / 27,5” / 28” or 29”. Tip: From now on, there is a new Yamaha cable set with plugin connectors. Compatible with Yamaha Powerdrive (Haibike, Bulls,...). more

Sx2 Dongle for Yamaha

E Speed Box 2

Speedbox for YamahaA microprocessor-controlled tuning tool which shifts the engines speed limitation from 25 km/h to 99 km/h – this means, you can drive much faster with full motor support. If you use the Speed Box 2, your display will show the correct speed. All other parameters like average- and maximum-speed, range and daily distance will be displayed correctly, too. The Speed Box 2 can be conveniently switched on or off via the electric bikes light button. This tuning device consists of high-quality components, the microcomputer which controls the module has even been certified for the automotive industry. Compatible with Yamaha Powerdrive (Haibike, Bulls,...), PW-X, PW-SE and Yamaha Syncdrive (GIANT). more

Speedbox 2 for Yamaha Powerdrive Speedbox 2 for Yamaha Syncdrive  Speedbox 2 for Yamaha PW-X Speedbox 2 for Yamaha PW-SE Speedbox 2 for Yamaha PW-X & PW-SE 2019

F PearTune MSO

PearTune MSO for YamahaThe PearTune MSO (“max speed off”) Y2 is a tuning tool which completely takes away the 25 km/h speed limitation of Yamaha Powerdrive or Syncdrive mid-mounted engines. This means that you can reach unlimited speed values on your electric bike – at least theoretically, because the actual maximum speed depends on the system you are using. By the way, the PearTune MSO Y2 will not affect the other functions of your Yamaha drive system – this means, all parameters on your display will be shown correctly (actual speed, distance, max- and average speed etc.). The PearTune device can be conveniently switched on or off via your electric bikes light button (the original function of the light button will remain unchanged). The device is very compact and easy to install. Compatible with Yamaha Powerdrive, PW-X and Syncdrive. more

PearTune MSO for Yamaha Powerdrive PearTune MSO for Yamaha Syncdrive PearTune MSO for Yamaha PW-X PearTune MSO for Yamaha PW-X & PW-SE 2019

G ASA eSpeed Y25.01

ASA eSpeed YThe ASA eSpeed Y25.01 is a microprocessor-controlled tuning tool for electric bikes with Yamaha Powerdrive systems. The tool takes away the 25 km/h speed limitation completely which allows you to reach unlimited speed values with 100% motor support. This device has the advantage that it does not effect any other functions of your electric bicycle - your electric bike will work exactly like it did before, the only difference is that the engine support won´t stop at 25 km/h anymore. Very important: If you use the ASA eSpeed Y25.01 device, your electric bike´s display will still show the correct speed (other parameters like average- and maximum-speed will be shown correctly, too). This tuning tool can be conveniently switched on or off via your bike´s control elements. The installation of this tuning tool is very easy, you can install it at home all by yourself. Compatible with Yamaha Powerdrive (Haibike, Bulls,...). more

ASA eSpeed for Yamaha

H GreenPed

GreenPedThe GreenPed module is a variant of the popular BluePed module, but GreenPed is especially manufactured for electric bikes powered by Yamaha Syncdrive systems (which are being used in GIANT electric bikes). This tuning tool can be conveniently controlled with a free Smartphone App (Android & iPhone). The device allows you to set the maximum engine support to an individual level from 15 up to 75 km/h (about 46 mph). Thanks to the App this tuning tool offers an unusually large number of configuration options. Your Yamaha display will still show the correct speed – but if you use the App, your Smartphone display can even show you many more parameters than your normal Yamaha display. To make sure you can always keep a close eye on your Smartphone display while you are biking, the GreenPed comes optional with a special FINN Smartphone-holder for your bicycle handlebar. By the way, you can activate / deactivate the GreenPed module conveniently via your electric bike´s light button – that means, you don´t have to take your Smartphone necessarily with you if you want to use your electric bike. The installation of the GreenPed tool is very easy - all tools needed are included in the scope of delivery. Compatible with Yamaha Syncdrive (with RideControl EVO or CHARGE Displays).

GreenPed for Yamaha


sIMPLEkThis tuning tool removes the speed limitation of Yamaha E Bikes with mid-mounted engines completely (suitable for PW, PW-SE & PW-X drives). Important: This module is delivered in the form of a kit, which you have to assemble yourself. Since a soldering iron must also be used when assembling, a little bit of manual skill is required. On the other hand, connecting the module to the electric bike drive system is absolutely simple. After installation, you can easily activate the sIMPLEk tuning tool by turning your E Bike off and on again within 10 seconds after starting it. When the tuning is activated, the real speed is still visible on the E Bike display, but via the second digit and the decimal place of the speed indicator (for example, a speed display of 14.2 km/h would actually correspond to a speed of 42 km/h, etc.). Made in Germany.

sIMPLEk for Yamaha

J SpeedBox 2 for Yamaha PW-X 2019 & PW-SE 2019

This version of the SpeedBox 2 tuning module is compatible with E Bikes with Yamaha PW-X 2019 or PW-SE 2019 drive systems equipped with the new display versions "A" or "C" (suitable connectors are included). The tool completely removes the speed limitation which allows you to get the full power out of your Yamaha engine and to drive much faster with full motor support. Even when the tuning is active, the display shows all data correctly (current speed, range, etc.). You can switch on the module at any time simply by pressing the light button. Simple and intuitive installation. By removing the SpeedBox you can easily restore your E Bike´s original driving characteristics.

SpeedBox 2 for Yamaha PW-X 2019 & PW-SE 2019  for Yamaha

K SpeedChip for Yamaha PW-X & PW-SE / configurable

A recommendable tuning tool for Yamaha PW-X & PW-SE mid-mounted engines. Even if the tuning is activated, the display still shows correct speed and km. Since the SpeedChip is equipped with an USB interface, it can be conveniently configured via PC (windows 7-10). For example, the maximum engine support can be set individually (50 or 75 km/h). The tuning can be easily switched on or off via the buttons of the E Bike (activation sequence can be individually personalised via PC). By removing the SpeedChip, the E Bike can be restored to its original condition at any time. Made in Germany.

SpeedChip for Yamaha PW-X & PW-SE / configurable

L SpeedChip for Yamaha PW / configurable

The Tuning SpeedChip has a micro-USB interface so that it can be configured via PC (Windows 7-10). This enables you to set the key combination for activation / deactivation and the height of the maximum motor support individually (50 or 70 km/h). You can switch the tuning on or off at any time using the buttons on the electric bike (even while riding). Even when tuning is active, the display shows the real speed and the actual number of kilometres driven. Since only original connectors are used, installation is simple and uncomplicated. You can update the chip when it is installed, it does not have to be removed. Of course, the chip can be removed at any time and the E Bike can be restored to its original condition. Suitable for all Yamaha PW mid-mounted engines 2014-2017 and both display versions 2014-2015 (with temperature display) and 2016-2017 (EcoPlus mode, without temperature display).

SpeedChip for Yamaha PW / configurable

M VOLspeed for Yamaha Powerdrive (PW)

You can use this recommended tuning module to optimize your Yamaha PW electric bike in many different ways. Increase the maximum motor support to an individual value between 25 to 99 km/h or additionally activate the so-called "dynamic mode", which reduces the unpopular "wall" effect when the maximum supported speed is reached (in the dynamic mode, the motor support does not stop so abruptly anymore). Even when the tuning box is activated, the correct speed will still be displayed. A big advantage is that you can define all tuning settings conveniently via the control buttons at your display. The module can also be switched on or off at any time using these buttons. By the way, after the (simple) installation, the tuning box can´t be seen from the outside.

VOLspeed for Yamaha Powerdrive (PW)

N RedPed for Yamaha PW-X / PW-SE and Syncdrive with Ride Control EVO / CHARGE display or Syncdrive Life

This is probably the most comprehensive tuning module for Yamaha E Bikes ever. This tuning tool has the advantage that the settings can easily be made with a smartphone app. For example, you can set the maximum motor support to an individual value between 15 and 75 km/h. Another advantage is that up to 25 useful live parameters can be displayed on the smartphone display while you are riding. You can switch the RedPed module on and off with a self-defined activation code via the E Bike´s control buttons, completely without a smartphone. Your E Bike display will show the correct values, even when the tuning is activated (actual speed etc.). In principle, you only need the smartphone to define the tuning settings once. Thanks to its numerous functions and extensive data on the smartphone display, RedPed is a perfect tuning tool. Compatible with Yamaha PW-X / PW-SE and Yamaha Syncdrive with Ride Control EVO / CHARGE display or Syncdrive Life.

RedPed for Yamaha PW-X / PW-SE RedPed Syncdrive with Ride Control EVO / CHARGE display or Syncdrive Life