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1. TQ

The TQ-Group is a well-known technology service provider and electronics specialist with headquarters in Seefeld, Germany. Founded in 1994 as a 2-man company, TQ today has about 1,700 employees at 13 locations. The company develops innovative solutions in sectors such as drive technology, industrial electronics & industrial automation, robotics, medical & aerospace technology, etc. - and has recently also started to develop high-quality E-Bike drives. These are complete E-Bike systems, consisting of motor, battery, electronics, sensor technology etc. The TQ E-Bike systems were designed in a way that they can be optimally integrated into the different E-Bike designs of diverse manufacturers.

With the HPR 120S, TQ developed an extremely powerful E-Bike motor that caused a great stir in the E-Bike community. It represents a serious competition for the classic E-Bike drive systems of brands such as Bosch, Yamaha or Panasonic.

2. TQ E-Bike engines

It is no exaggeration to say that the TQ HPR 120S engine sets completely new standards in the field of high-performance E-Bike drive systems. It is a mid-mounted motor that is simultaneously ultra-compact, very light (3.9 kg), but also extremely powerful with a very high, constantly available torque of 120 Nm and an efficiency of over 80% (over a wide performance range). Thanks -in part- to the patented pin-ring transmission, the power of this motor is very strong despite its small size (the diameter of the distinctive round housing is just 14.4 cm). With this motor, even the steepest climbs in difficult terrain can be mastered. This makes the drive perfectly suited for e-mountainbikes and cargo e-bikes, but of course also for classic commuter and leisure e-bikes. In short, the motor offers maximum efficiency "Made in Germany". It is not surprising that the TQ HPR 120S was awarded the coveted "Design & Innovation Award 2018".

The TQ HPR 120S is available in different versions, namely with 25 km/h or 45 km/h top speed. In addition, there are also the variants "HPR 120S Race" and "HPR 120C".

The well-known bicycle manufacturer Haibike was among the first to equip E-Bikes from its Haibike Flyon series with TQ mid-mounted motors. The first models were launched on the market in 2019.

3. Is it possible to optimize TQ E-Bike motors?

Yes! Although the first E-Bikes with TQ motors did not come onto the market until around 2019 and are therefore not yet as widespread as Bosch or Yamaha drive systems, the tuning developers have not been inactive and developed the first solutions especially for E-Bikes with TQ high-performance motors. Thanks to these tuning tools, the preset speed limit of the TQ drives can be lifted, so that the full potential of these extremely powerful motors can finally be used.

4. Which tuning tools for TQ E-Bike engines do exist?

Currently, the number of tuning solutions for TQ E-Bikes is still quite limited, but there are already absolutely recommendable tuning tools, e.g. from renowned brands such as Badass Box. If further tuning solutions are found that can convince our team, we will offer them here, too.

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