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The German brand SACHS is known worldwide, primarily as an automotive supplier. The beginnings of the brand date back to 1895, when "Fichtel & Sachs" was founded in Schweinfurt as a family business. After the company was taken over by Mannesmann in 1997, SACHS merged with the ZF Friedrichshafen AG in 2011. Today SACHS is a brand of the ZF Friedrichshafen AG. The wide range of products includes high-quality drive components (e.g. clutch systems and electric drives), but also chassis components such as damping systems and shock absorbers - not only for cars and trucks, but also for motorcycles, rail vehicles, etc. By the way, the headquarters for development, sales and production of the SACHS brand is still located in Schweinfurt.

In 2018, SACHS Micro Mobility, a joint venture between ZF, Magura, BMZ and BFO, was launched. That same year, the company presented its first E-Bike drive system in the form of the SACHS RS engine. At the Eurobike 2019, further Sachs engines for different types of E-Bikes were presented.

2. SACHS E-Bike engines

The SACHS RS E-Bike engine set completely new standards in terms of performance with its outstanding maximum 110 Newton meters. First and foremost, the drive was developed for Urban-, Cargo- and of course MTB-E-Bikes. Especially interesting is the fact that the RS drive delivers a very high torque even at low pedal frequencies such as 40-60 pedal revolutions per minute. Especially inexperienced off-road riders or cargo bike riders in the exhausting stop-and-go traffic in the city benefit from this. This power package is also designed to cope with steep inclines. Especially on technical trails the riders are actively supported by the RS drive. Thanks to an innovative engine management system, the drive not only impresses with a well-controlled power delivery and harmonious support, but also with long ranges - even in the strongest driving mode (as a driver, you have the choice of four different driving modes). The weight of the RS engine is 3.5 kg.

SACHS Micro Mobility enables E-Bike manufacturers to individually integrate the RS engine into the respective vehicle concept. By the way, the drive system is available in a pedelec (25 km/h) and an S-pedelec version (45 km/h).

Depending on the type of E-Bike and its intended use, manufacturers can also choose between various Sachs Micro Mobility batteries. The product range extends from standardized platform systems to customized individual solutions.

At the Eurobike 2019, SACHS Micro Mobility presented several new E-Bike engines for different applications. For example, the Sachs GT 525, weighing just 2.8 kg, which should fit perfectly to E-Hardtails and E-City bikes. The RS 925 was developed especially for E-Mountain bikes, and with the Sachs CT 725, the company even presented a motor designed especially for heavy loads - an ideal solution for E-Cargo bikes.

3. Is it possible to optimize SACHS E-Bike motors?

Yes! Even though SACHS Micro Mobility has only been on the market since 2018, the first tuning tools are already available to remove the preset speed limit of SACHS E-Bike drives systems.

4. Which tuning tools for SACHS E-Bike engines are available?

At the moment the number of tuning tools for SACHS E-Bikes is still very limited, but at least the proven Badass Box is already available in a version especially for SACHS engines. We are sure that more tuning tools will follow.

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