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Panasonic E Bike Tuning


1 About Panasonic 36V Engines

Panasonic is a very well-known electronics company which was founded in Japan in 1918. Its product range is very comprehensive: For example, Panasonic produces products in the fields of entertainment & household electronics like washing machines, Hifi & Audio, camcorder, cameras, flat-screen TVs, electric razors and so on. But the range of products also includes factory automation and high-quality engines. For a long time, Panasonic electric bike drive engines belonged to the top-selling systems in Germany. Nowadays, Bosch electric bike systems may be the most widely used in Germany, but due to good quality and interesting technical innovations the Panasonic systems still maintain a good position on the market. Panasonic electric bicycle engines are being used from some well known brands - especially KTM, Kettler and Flyer (for example, in the T-series).

2 Panasonic Electric Bike Engines

Panasonic electric bike drive systems are equipped with high-quality rear engines or mid-mounted engines. The Panasonic rear engine has the advantage that it is very lightweight and small (diameter only 140 mm). The engine is characterized by integrated gears which lead to a very good power delivery. Another advantage of the rear hub motor is that it does not strain the bicycle chain and delivers its power directly to the back wheel.

In 2014, the new Panasonic mid-mounted engine attracted a great deal of attention because it was absolutely competitive with the Bosch systems. In fact, the new Panasonic mid-mounted engine is a completely new development and in many ways superior to the older Panasonic system. The construction is more compact, the advance rate is improved and stronger, the display has been optimized and so on...

Here you can see the most important innovations of the new Panasonic mid-mounted engine system at a glance:

  • - More compact and lighter construction.
  • - Stronger propulsion, max. torque at least 60 Nm (according to KTM) – this means, this Panasonic system is on the same level as the approved, strong Bosch Performance Line engine.
  • - Now with direct drive (no chain redirection anymore). This means, from now on the chain wheel is being driven by the motor itself.
  • - Quieter than the predecessor.
  • - Remarkable is the completely new control unit with a LCD-display in Smartphone design (the device is operated with a remote control at the handlebar).
  • - Thanks to an USB interface it is possible to charge Smartphones or comparable devices during the drive.
  • - It is possible to charge the battery directly at the electric bike.

This Panasonic electric bike system has three different support modes (High, Standard, Eco). We also would like to mention that the Panasonic mid-mounted engine is available with an optional back pedal brake, too. Especially for many comforted-orientated drivers a back pedal brake is very important.

3 Is it possible to optimize / tune Panasonic engines?

Yes! There is at least one recommendable and easy-to-use tuning tool which can make your electric bike much faster. But it only works with Panasonic 36V mid-mounted engines.

4 Which Panasonic Tuning Tools do exist?

We recommend the Sx2 Dongle – an electric bike tuning tool which is being produced by the German company maintronic. We would like to present this device to you:

A Sx2 Dongle

Sx2 Dongle BoschThe Sx2 Dongle takes away the 25 km/h speed limit of Panasonic mid-mounted engines and doubles it to 50 km/h. This approved device is not only compatible with all (mid-mounted) motor versions until 2013, but also with the new Panasonic Next Generation Motor 2014. Thanks to its “plug & drive” principle the installation of the Sx2 Dongle is very easy – you simply have to attach the Dongle to your electric bikes speed sensor. There is no intervention in the engine electrics which means that all driving modes will be retained. Thanks to its pluggable construction the Dongle can be pulled off whenever you want to – after that, the tuning is undone and your electric bike is restored to its original condition. By the way, you don´t need an extra battery to run the Sx2 Dongle. Furthermore, the Dongle is 100% maintenance free and outdoor suitable. If you are searching for an easy solution to turn your Panasonic electric bike with 36V mid-mounted engine into a much faster S-Pedelec, the Sx2 Dongle is exactly what you need. Available for the following wheel sizes: 20” / 26” / 27.5” / 28” / 29”.

Sx2 Dongle for Panasonic

B Badass Box for Panasonic mid-mounted engines

Badass Box Panasonic -  mid mounted enginesA proven tuning tool that allows you to take away the 25 km/h speed limit of Panasonic drive systems – without any interference with the engine electronics or software. Drive up to 50 km/h with full motor support. The installation of the tool is uncomplicated. To activate the tuning you just have to attach the badass box and move the spoke magnet a little (very easy thanks to the included Toolfree screw). To deactivate it, simply remove the box and move the spoke magnet back to its original position. Please note that the correct speed is no longer displayed when the tuning is activated.

Badass Box 4 for Panasonic

C Badass Box Panasonic „Freeze“

Badass Box Panasonic - "Freeze"This is a tuning tool especially for Panasonic E Bikes which are equipped with electronic gear shifts or 2-speed gearboxes. After installation, the box freezes the signal for speed transmission just below 25 km/h, so that the 25 km/h speed limit is taken away. The installation of the tool is very simple, you only need to mount the box over the speed sensor and move the spoke magnet a little. You do not have to open the motor to install the device. The tuning can be undone at any time simply by removing the box and sliding the magnet back. Please note that the display does not show the correct speed when the tuning is active.

Badass Box 4 "Freeze" for Panasonic

D µ-MBTK tuning-kit

µ MBTK tuning-kit This tuning kit removes the speed limitation completely. You can choose between 3 different operating modes. When the tuning is active, the speedometer shows only half of the real speed from approx. 23 km/h on. To install the tuning kit you have to cut the sensor cable of your E Bike and switch the tool in between. This tuning tool is compatible with various E Bike drives - including some for which there are no or almost no tuning options - e.g. with AEG (e.g. Comfort Drive) or with Shimano drives with the new update (FW 4.7.0). In addition, the tool is also compatible with Bosch (Active, Performance, CX), Yamaha, Panasonic (e.g. Flyer Uproc) and various other Shimano drives (E6xxx, E7xxx, E8xxx).

µ-MBTK tuning-kit

E MBIQ-CC (Universal)

MBTK tuning-kit BoschThe MBIQ-CC completely removes the 25 km/h speed limit of E Bike engines, there are no further functions. If the tuning is active, the display does not show correct values after a speed of 25 km/h. Easy and fast installation thanks to push-in clamp. The tool is maintenance-free and does not require a separate battery. It can be programmed by the customer using certain wheel movements when the E Bike is switched on. The MBIQ-CC is a universal solution for various E Bike motors, as long as they are equipped with 2-wire speed sensors – for example, the tool is compatible with drive systems from Bosch (Active/Performance/CX), Shimano Steps (E6xxx, E7xxx, E8xxx), Panasonic (X0, Flyer), Brose (Drive S) etc.

MBIQ-CC (Universal)

E.1 MBIQ-CC 2 (Universal)

MBIQ CC 2A universal tuning solution which is compatible with E-Bike drives from different manufacturers (also Bosch Gen4). The tool lifts the 25 km/h speed limit completely. Customer programmable and "Anti-Tuning" ready. In contrast to the normal MBIQ-CC, the MBIQ-CC 2 can also be activated by an external switch (not included) or by the light signal (only for 2-wire sensors). From a speed of approx. 25 km/h the correct speed is no longer displayed when the tuning is active. For installation, the tool must be integrated into the existing sensor cable, which works easily via push-in clamp. Compatible with various E-Bike motors with 2- or 3-wire speed sensors: Bosch (Active, Performance, CX), Shimano Steps (E6xxx, E7xxx, E8xxx), Panasonic (X0, Flyer), Brose (Brose Drive S), Bafang (BBS-xxx), Yamaha (PW-xx), Fazua, AEG, etc.

MBIQ-CC 2 (Universal)

E.2 MBIQ-P plug-in solution for Panasonic / Flyer

MBIQ-P plug-in solution for Panasonic / FlyerThis E-Bike tuning tool completely lifts the 25 km/h speed limit. Since it is a practical plug-in solution, the installation is very easy: The MBIQ-P simply has to be plugged in between the speed sensor and the engine control unit. This tool can be programmed so that the tuning can be switched on and off (without PC or Smartphone). The MBIQ-P is maintenance-free and does not need its own battery. When the tuning is active, the display shows only manipulated speed values from approx. 22 km/h onwards. The MBIQ-P is compatible with Panasonic E-Bike motors with 2pol. connectors, as used -for example- in various Flyer models (GX.../Ultimate etc.).

MBIQ-P plug-in Panasonic / Flyer)

F.1 SpeedBox 1.0 for Panasonic

Speedbox PanasonicThe SpeedBox 1.0 doubles the maximum supported speed from 25 km/h to up to 50 km/h. Use the full potential of your Panasonic drive system. Easy installation thanks to the use of original connectors. When tuning is active, only half of the actual speed is displayed (other values are displayed halved, too). After installation, the tuning is always active and cannot be switched off - only by removing the SpeedBox, which can be done easily. Compatible with E-Bikes with Panasonic GX0 and GX Ultimate engines.

SpeedBox 1.0 for Panasonic