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Impulse E Bike Tuning


1 About Impulse Engines

Impulse electric bike drive systems are being produced by the Derby Cycle Holding GmbH, the largest bike manufacturer in Germany (and the third largest in Europe). Some very well-known brands of the company are Kalkhoff, Focus, Univega and Raleigh. The first Impulse system was introduced onto the market in 2011 – by the way, this was the first electric bike mid-mounted engine equipped with a back pedal brake. Up to that date, the combination of a mid-mounted engine and a back pedal brake was not technically possible. At first, the new Impulse engines were used in electric bikes of the own brands Kalkhoff and Raleigh. They proved to be a great success right away. In 2013, the company presented the new Impulse 2.0 motor on the Eurobike bicycle fair – this engine was a further developed and optimized version of its predecessor. At the beginning of 2014, the new Impulse 2.0 engine was introduced onto the market.

2 Impulse Electric Bike Engines

As already mentioned, the first Impulse electric bike system attracted great attention, because it had the first Pedelec mid-mounted engine equipped with a back pedal brake. Compared to its predecessor, the new Impulse 2.0 system has been improved in many ways – for example, the braking- and the switching-performance has been optimized. In addition, the new Impulse 2 motor has more power and delivers a more dynamic acceleration. In every support mode the starting process is very powerful. A real innovation is the so-called Shift-Sensor Technology which allows a much faster, lower and softer switching procedure. In the lowest support mode, the range of the high performance battery shall reach up to 205 Kilometers (!). Consequently, the Impulse system is very likely one of the electric bike drive systems with the highest range of all. The Impulse 2.0 system is a high-quality product which has been developed in Germany. At the moment these innovative engines are being used in Raleigh and Kalkhoff electric bikes.

Note: The normal Impulse 2.0 engine provides engine support until 25 km/h, but there is also another version (350 W) for faster S-Pedelecs with engine support up to 45 km/h. A real innovation is the Impulse 2.0 Ergo system with its pulse controlled (!) drive technology. This means, the engine supports conforms to the driver´s pulse which allows very effective workouts.

3 Is it possible to optimize / tune Impulse engines?

Yes! Nowadays, there are at least 2 approved tuning tools which can make Impulse motors much faster – even the new Impulse 2.0 engine!

4 Which Impulse Tuning Tools do exist?

Impulse drivers can choose between the Sx2 Dongle, the Badassebikes Chiptuning Box Typ 3.4 and SpeedBox1. We would like to present you a brief description of these two tuning tools:

A Sx2 Dongle for Impulse 1 & 2 & EVO

Sx2 Dongle BoschThe Sx2 Dongle is a very recommendable tuning tool which is being produced by the German company maintronic. The Sx2 Dongle allows you to turn your Impulse electric bike into a much faster S-Pedelec within a few seconds! You simply have to use a special cable kit to attach the Dongle to your electric bikes speed sensor. If this is done, the engine support will be doubled from 25 km/h to 50 km/h! The Dongle causes no changes in the engine electronics, so that all driving modes will be retained. This tuning tool requires no extra battery. Furthermore, it is maintenance free and 100% outdoor suitable. If you want to undo the tuning, simply pull off the Dongle. Thanks to its pluggable construction this is absolutely no problem and can be done very, very quickly.

Please note: There are two different cable kits for the Sx2 Dongle – one version for the old Impulse engine and another one for the new Impulse 2.0 engine. Furthermore, if you order the Sx2 Dongle for Impulse electric bikes you have to indicate the wheel size of your model (20” / 26” / 27.5” / 28” / 29”).

Tip: We recommend that you buy the Sx2 Dongle here in our shop – because if you do that, the appropriate cable kit is already included in the scope of delivery.

Sx2 Dongle for Impulse 1 Sx2 Dongle for Impulse 2 Sx2 Dongle for Impulse EVO

B Badasse Box V4 for Impulse 1, 2 & EVO

Badassebikes Box for BoschThe Badassebikes Chiptuning Box removes the 25 km/h speed limit of Kalkhoff-Impulse electric bikes and shifts it to more than 50 km/h (the tool even works with the new Impulse 2 engine). After its installation to your electric bike, the Box will divide the transmitted speed (approx. from a speed of 16 km/h) which means the engine support will be doubled to 50 km/h. The Box (which only has the size of a matchbox) can be installed or uninstalled within a few seconds. After the Box has been removed, the electric bike is restored to its original state and can be used legally on public roads again. The Chiptuning Box has no electrical contact to the system. Its energy supply comes from a battery with a range of about 6.000 km. By the way, the Chiptuning Box Typ works for all electric bikes with the same system, regardless of wheel size, model variant or year of manufacture

 Badass Box V4 for Impulse

C SpeedBox 1 for Impulse 2 & EVO & EVO RS

BSpeedBox 1 for ImpulseThe SpeedBox 1 tuning module can shift the 25 km/h speed limitation of Impulse 2 and Impulse EVO electric bikes to 50 km/h. There are no additional features. When tuning is activated, the speedometer shows only half of the actual speed. The SpeedBox 1 can be quite easily activated and deactivated by using the supplied connectors (green for tuning / red for no tuning).

SpeedBox 1 for Impulse


D sIMPLEk Pro for Impulse 2.0 / EVO / EVO-RS

siMPLEk Pro for Impulse 2.0 / EVO / EVO-RSThis is a tuning module that completely removes the speed limitation of Impulse E Bikes. The tool is limited to the absolute essentials and has no further functions. The real speed remains readable, but via the second digit and the decimal place of the speedometer (for more detailed information see product description). After installation, the module is not visible from the outside. As this is the "Pro" version, you do not need to assemble this sIMPLEk module yourself. Made in Germany.

siMPLEk Pro for Impulse


E sIMPLEk for Impulse

siMPLEk Pro for Impulse assembly kitThis tuning tool completely removes the speed limit of E Bikes with impulse drive systems. There are no further functions. The real speed remains readable, but only via the second digit and the decimal place of the display. Please note that this tool is supplied in the form of a kit and is not immediately ready for use when delivered. Some parts of the module have to be soldered together. After installation, the tool is not visible from the outside. Made in Germany. Compatible with Impulse 2.0, EVO, EVO RS.

siMPLEk Pro for Impulse