PearTune MSO for FLYON / TQ

By using the PearTune MSO for Haibike FLYON / TQ you can change that and finally use the full potential of the engine. It is a microcontroller based tuning module that removes the 25 km/h speed limit completely.
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Product Description

PearTune MSO for Haibike FLYON / TQ E-Bikes

This is a high-quality tuning tool especially for E-Bikes with Haibike FLYON drive systems. The FLYON engines were developed by Haibike in cooperation with the technology supplier TQ. The drives are known as extremely powerful and were designed for use in e-Mountainbikes. Their enormous power was previously only limited by the 25 km/h speed limitation.

By using the PearTune MSO for FLYON you can change that and finally use the full potential of the engine. It is a microcontroller based tuning module that removes the 25 km/h speed limit completely - so the speed is not just doubled from 25 to 50 km/h as known from some other tuning tools. Thus "MSO" means nothing else than "Max Speed Off". If you would like to determine for yourself in the future, how fast you can drive with your FLYON with full engine support, this tuning tool is an optimal solution!

Further advantages of the PearTune MSO for FLYON:

Correct speed display

Even when the tuning is active, the E-Bike display will still show the correct speed (no halving of the values, as with some other tuning tools). Also maximum and average speed will be displayed correctly. Only the values for distance can be a little lower than in reality.

Easy installation

The PearTune MSO is a tuning module that must be permanently installed at the engine. Thanks to the "Plug & Play" principle in combination with the use of original connectors, installation is very simple. The PearTune module is simply connected between the magnetic speed sensor and the motor and between the display and the motor.

After installation, the module configures itself and adjusts itself to the respective E-Bike - this happens fully automatically, a PC or Smartphone is NOT required.

The PearTune MSO does not require its own battery, as power is supplied via the display connection.

Because original connectors are used, the tuning module can be easily removed if necessary. Afterwards, the E-Bike is back in its original condition and it is no longer possible to tell that the bike has ever been tuned.

The tuning can be switched on and off at any time

After installation, you can switch the tuning on and off at any time with the light button: light on = tuning activated / light off - tuning deactivated.

Tip: If you want to switch on the tuning but ride without lights on, you can alternatively activate the tuning module with the key combination + - + -.

After activation / deactivation, the E-Bike display briefly shows the value "9.9" (tuning activated) or "2.5" (tuning deactivated). This enables you to see whether the tuning has been activated or not.

Important: The tuning can only be switched on and off if the light function of the E-Bike has been unlocked.

Tip: The PearTune MSO for FLYON is optionally also available in a so-called "STILL ON" version – in this case, the tuning is always active as soon as you switch on the bike. This means, you don't need any buttons to activate the tuning module. The "Still On" version is intended for FLYON E-Bikes where the light function has not been unlocked.

25 km/h speed limitation is completely removed

If the tuning is switched on, there is no speed limit anymore - so theoretically you can drive with unlimited speed with full motor support. The maximum speed that can actually be reached is basically only limited by your cadence. According to the manufacturer, speeds of up to 60 km/h can be reached with the PearTune when the tuning is active.

There are no undesirable side effects when the tuning is activated (no flickering display etc.).

Compact and waterproof

The PearTune module is very compact and can therefore be installed easily. Of course the tool is absolutely waterproof.

PearTune MSO for FLYON E-Bikes - Compatibility

  • E-Bikes with Haibike FLYON / TQ mid-mounted engines.
  • Haibike uses FLYON drives in various XDURO model variants, e.g. NDURO, ALLMTN, ALLTRAIL and ADVENTR E-Bikes.
  • The tuning module has also been successfully tested on current FLYON 2020 drives.

PearTune MSO for FLYON E-Bikes – Technical data

  • Dimensions of the module (without wiring): 12 x 25 x 4 mm
  • Supply voltage range: 5 - 15 V
  • Maximum current consumption: 100 mA
  • Maximum power usage: 1.5W
  • Weight: approx. 20g

This tuning tool is manufactured in the Czech Republic. PearControl, the manufacturer of the PearTune modules, is a proven company that has been producing highly effective tuning solutions for E-Bikes from brands such as Bosch, Brose, Shimano, Yamaha and Giant for years.

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