Brose Tuning

Brose Tuning


1 About Brose

Brose is a very well-known and highly successful German automobile supplier with a history of more than 100 years. Nowadays, Brose supplies about 80 automotive brands and has more than 22.000 employees in 23 countries. The company produces high-quality components for electric drive systems, vehicle doors, tailgates and seats. In matters of electric engines Brose even is the actual world market leader. In every year the company produces more than 100 millions of electric motors.

It comes as no surprise that “Brose Antriebstechnik” (“Brose Drive Technology”), a division of the Brose group, used its Know-how to develop an own electric bike engine. For this purpose, the whole development team came together in Berlin to work on their first drive system especially for electric bicycles – and they succeeded! Since July 2014 Brose produces an innovative, highly efficient electric bike engine – the first one which is really “Made in Germany”!

2 Brose Electric Bike Engines

In the summer of 2014 Bose launched its first electric bike drive system onto the market. The system is based on a popular, approved engine for cars. This motor has been consequently refined for the use in electric bikes. The result was a highly efficient, compact and lightweight 36V mid-mounted engine for electric bikes. It is available in two different performance variants:

- 250 W for “normal” electric bikes / pedelecs with motor support until 25 km/h
- 500 W for fast “S-Pedelecs” with motor support until 45 km/h or more (available from 2015)

Weight only 3.4 kilogram / Measurements 205 x 115 x 130 mm / Torque at the chain wheel 90 Nm.

All advantages of the Brose Electric Bike Engine at a glance:

- Engine support nearly vibration-free and very silent.
- Excellent frame geometry, because the compact mid-mounted engine can be perfectly integrated into the frame.
- Excellent driving behaviour due to a perfect weight distribution.
- Driving characteristics won´t be affected.
- Bicycling without engine support is possible, too.
- Different integration possibilities and customer-specific design.

The Brose electric bike drive system has not been on the market for that long, and thus it is not used in too many electric bikes up to now. But among the manufacturers who already install Brose drive systems are such famous brands like Bulls, Flitzbike and Rotwild (Date May 2015). We are sure that many other electric bike manufacturers will use Brose engines in the future, too.

3 Is it possible to optimize Brose Electric Bikes?

Yes! Even though Brose electric bike drive systems are being used by relatively few manufacturers so far, there already exist at least four highly efficient tuning tools which can make Brose electric bikes much faster.

4 Which Brose Tuning Tools do exist?

A Badass Box

Badassebikes Box for BoschThe Badassebikes Chiptuning Box shifts the 25 km/h speed limitation of your electric bicycle to more than 50 km/h. This works as follows: As soon as you reach a speed of (about) 16 km/h, the Box will halve the transmitted speed which allows motor support up to 50 km/h (or even slightly more). The Box itself only has the size of a matchbox and can be installed very fast and easily. This tuning tool simply has to be attached to original Brose speed sensor and secured with an O-ring. Because on Brose systems the gap between sensor and spoke is very small, the Box comes with an adapter plate which enlarges the distance. This allows the Box to fit between sensor and bicycle spoke. If the adapter is not necessary you can send it back and you will get a refund of 5 Euro. more

Badass Box V3.4 for Brose Badass Box V4 for Brose

B Sx2 Dongle

Sx2 Dongle BroseThe highly recommendable Sx2 Dongle, produced by the German company maintronic, is now also available for Brose mid-mounted engines. This approved device takes away the 25 km/h speed limit within seconds. This allows you to drive up to 50 km/h with full engine support. more


Sx2 Dongle for Brose Sx2 Dongle for Brose Turbo Levo

C PearTune MSO for Brose

PearTune MSO for BroseWith this innovative tuning module you can easily de-restrict electric bikes with Brose engines. The PearTune MSO BR2 takes away the 25 km/h speed limitation completely (“MSO” stands for “Max Speed Off”). This means that you can finally get the full power out of your E Bike and drive much faster with full engine support than before! An additional advantage of this tuning module is that the display of your bike will continue to display all values such as the current speed, average and maximum speed, distance etc. correctly. During the ride, the tuning module can be switched on or off at any time via the light switch of the electric bike. You can tell whether the tool is currently activated by the regular flashing of the power indicator on your display. The installation of the PearTune module is uncomplicated and does not pose a problem even for technical amateurs. Completely new is the “still on” variant: E Bike on = tuning on / E Bike off = tuning off. This variant is particularly suitable for Brose electric bikes without display. more


PearTune for Brose PearTune for Brose Specialized Vado PearTune for Brose "Still On" PearTune for Brose with WMZ display

D SpeedBox 1 for Brose

SpeedBox 1 for BroseThe SpeedBox doubles the maximum engine support of Brose electric bike motors from 25 km/h to 50 km/h. This tuning tool is a small module, which has to be attached to the sensor. The module then halves the transmitted speed from a value of 18 to 24 km/h, so that the maximum engine support increases to 50 km/h. As a result, your speedometer will only show half of the real speed. It is a totally simple but highly effective tuning tool for E-bikes with Brose drives. The Speedbox 1 cannot be switched on or off.. more


SpeedBox 1 for Brose