Bosch Gen2 & 3 Tuning

Bosch Gen2 or Active Line / Performance Line / CX Line Tuning


1 About Bosch Active & Performance & CX Motors

At the moment, Bosch eBike Systems is the most successful manufacturer of electric bike drive systems in Europe. Bosch is a very well-known company from Germany, it was founded in 1886. Primarily, the company is famous as a manufacturer of high-quality household appliances, electrical tools and industrial technology etc. In the year of 2009 Bosch entered the electric bike market with the foundation of Bosch eBike Systems. The newly developed electric bicycle drive system was presented for the first time on the 2009 Eurobike trade fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany. In early 2011 the new system was produced in series already. Within shortest time Bosch eBike systems became the most influential impulse generator on the electric bike market. In the meantime, Bosch electric bike systems are installed in more than 50 electric bike brands including such well-known names as Bulls, Cannondale, Cube, Diamant, Flyer, Focus, Ghost, Giant, Grace, Haibike, Hercules, Kalkhoff, Kettler, Kreidler, KTM, Merida, Pegasus, Raleigh, Scott, Sinus, Univega, Winora and so on. The Bosch electric bike systems consist of engine, accumulator, charger and the easy-to-use trip computer. All of these components are optimally matched to one another.

2 Bosch Electric Bike Motors

At the moment, there are 3 different types of Bosch electric bike drive systems: The approved Classic Line and the newer Active Line and Performance Line systems (both launched in 2014). With these 2 new product lines Bosch tries to address new target groups: The Active Line (even available with back pedal brake) was designed especially for comfort-oriented leisure time- and everyday-cyclists, whereas the Performance Line with its strong motor was created especially for sportive bikers. By the way, all Bosch electric bike engines are mid-mounted engines. At this point, we would like to present you the new Bosch Active and Performance Line engines:

a Bosch Active Line

The Bosch Active Line system with its well-dosed motor support up to 25 km/h is equally suitable for everyday errand trips as well as for excursions to the country. It is aimed at cyclists who want to use their electric bike as an everyday item, but who also want comfort – that´s the reason why Active Line systems can optionally be equipped with a backpedal brake, too. The Active Line system is based on the approved 3-sensor concept from Bosch which ensures optimal pedal assistance in every situation. The Bosch Active Line engine can be installed into electric bikes with derailleur gears or hub gears. Due to its gearing layout the design is perfectly integrated and secures more ride height. The improved drive concept has stronger electrics and convinces with very low vibration. This ensures a very unique driving experience. By the way, the Bosch Drive Unit has been awarded with the desired Red Dot Award for product design!

Here the most important technical data of the Bosch Drive Unit Active Cruise:

  • - Engine support up to 25 km/h.
  • - Max. Torque: 48 Nm
  • - Backpedal brake: Yes (derailleur system) / optional (hub gears)


b Bosch Performance Line

The strongest Bosch electric bike drive system is developed especially for sportive, powerful driving. There are two versions of the drive unit (engine): One with motor support until 25 km/h (Drive Unit Cruise Performance) and another version with motor support up to 45 km/h (Drive Unit Speed Performance). Both versions convince with high-performance electronics, low-vibration running and low weight (< 4 kg). Something special is the 3-sensor concept which secures an absolutely unique driving experience.

Here the most important technical data of the Bosch Drive Unit Cruise Performance:

  • - Engine support up to 25 km/h (or 45 km/h)
  • - Max. Torque: 60 Nm (derailleur system) / 50 Nm (hub gears)


Both the Bosch Active- and the Bosch Performance Line systems come with the appropriate accumulators (Li-Ion batteries with optionally 300 Wh or 400 Wh, placed at the frame or at the luggage carrier), suitable chargers and the “Intuvia” on-board computer. The Intuvia shows you relevant data like speed, charge level etc. Furthermore, you can use it to choose one of the 5 driving modes (Turbo, Sport, Tour, Eco, Off). A very useful new feature is the shift recommendation which allows you to save energy and battery power.

c Bosch Performance Line CX

The new Bosch Performance Line CX drive engine is the strongest of all Bosch electric bike systems so far. It was created for the model year 2016. The Bosch Performance Line CX drive unit supplies more power than ever and a much faster acceleration – even on mountain trails with many steep climbs. The strong engine with its powerful acceleration provides the ultimate Uphill Flow – that means, the Performance Line CX system is absolutely perfect for E-Mountainbikes and sporty cyclists. The maximum torque has been increased from 60 Nm to much stronger 75 Nm. If the rider uses the Turbo Mode, the engine support goes up to 300% - even at high speeds. Thanks to the “Direct Flow” feature the motor support already starts at very low pedal frequencies – this makes it easier to set off uphill or to drive out of tight curves. Despite its enormous power, the Performance Line CX drive unit is very compact and has a low weight (< 4 kg). By the way, many electric bikes driven by the new Bosch Performance Line CX systems will be equipped with the brand new Bosch PowerPack 500 battery – with its capacity of 500 Wh the strongest Bosch electric bike accumulator ever. Good news: All Performance Line tuning tools will be compatible with the new Performance Line CX, too.

Here the most important technical data of the Bosch Drive Unit Cruise Performance:

  • - Engine support up to 25 km/h
  • - Max. Torque: 75 Nm


3 Is it possible to optimize / tune Bosch Active & Performance Line motors?

Yes! Meanwhile, there are several highly efficient tuning tools which take away the 25 km/h (or 45 km/h) speed limit to make Bosch electric bike engines much faster.

4 What Bosch Active & Performance Line Tuning Tools do exist?

We compiled some recommendable tuning products for electric bikes with Bosch Active & Performance Line engines for you:

A ASA eSpeed B25.14

ASA eSpeedA tuning tool with microprocessor-controlled electronics which takes away the 25 km/h speed limit of Bosch Active & Performance Line engines without making any concessions to the functionality of your HMI. This means: Even if your electric bike is tuned, the display will always show the correct speed. Every other data like kilometres, average & maximum speed will be displayed correctly, too. If you tune your Bosch Active or Performance Line engine with the ASA eSpeed B25.14 device, your electric bike engine will work exactly like it did before – the only difference is that you will reach much higher speeds with full motor support (the maximum speed you can reach depends on the system). If you install this tool, no cables will be damaged and thus you can restore your electric bikes original condition at any time. The ASA eSpeed has the capability to make a self-calibration for different wheel sizes. The light function will maintain its original purpose, too. The operation is done via the control elements of the HMI. more

ASAeSpeed B25.14

B BlackPed

BlackPedThe new BlackPed module enables electric bike tuning via your Smartphone! It works with Android Smartphones from version 4.4.2. After the BlackPed module has been installed into the engine compartment of your Bosch Active or Performance Line engine you can adjust its settings: Define the maximum engine support, set the divider and define the wheel size etc. The Smartphone does not have to be connected permanently to the BlackPed module because all settings will be saved automatically. But if you fix your Smartphone to your bikes handlebar with a special holder, its display can show you the correct speed when you are riding. more


C Sx2 Dongle

Sx2 Dongle BoschThe Sx2 Dongle is a tuning tool that can shift the speed limit of Bosch Active & Performance Line engines from 25 km/h up to 50 km/h. Thanks to the “plug & drive” principle the installation is very easy. You only have to use the provided cable kit to connect the Dongle to your electric bikes speed sensor. This requires no intervention in the engine electronics, so that all assistance levels will be retained. The Dongle is 100% maintenance free, needs no extra battery and is 100% outdoor suitable. If you want to undo the tuning process, simply pull off the Dongle. To install the device you need a special cable kit which is already included in the scope of delivery - if you order the Dongle directly from us. You only have to indicate your wheel size (20” / 26” / 27.5” / 28” / 29”). Tip: You got the optional possibility to order a cable kit with “Power Switch” – this will enable you to switch the Dongle on / off with the light switch of your Bosch HMI / Intuvia. more

Sx2 Dongle for Bosch

D Badass Box 4

Badassebikes Box for BoschThe Badassebikes Chiptuning Box will shift your electric bikes speed limitation from 25 km/h to more than 50 km/h. The Box is very compact and has only the size of a matchbox. It simply has to be connected to the speed sensor and secured with an O-ring. After that, the magnet has to be shifted a little on the bicycle spoke – now your Bosch electric bike is tuned and ready to go! After the installation, the Tool will halve the transmitted speed when you reach a speed of approx. 16 km/h, by which the engine support will be raised to (at least) 50 km/h. The power supply comes from a battery with a range of about 5.000 kilometres – thanks to low-power-technology. Of course, you can undo the tuning whenever you want to: Simply open the O-ring and pull off the Box. After that, shift the magnet back to its original position and the original condition of your electric bike is restored. The Badassebikes Chiptuning Box works with all electric bikes within the same system, regardless of model, wheel size or year of manufacture. more

Badass 3.4 for Bosch Badass 4 for Bosch

E SpeedBox2

SpeedBox 2A microprocessor controlled tuning module which takes away the engines speed limitation and shifts it from 25 km/h to 99 km/h! One advantage of this tuning tool is that the display will still show the real speed (compatible with INTUVIA, NYON and PURION). Other relevant data like maximum speed, average speed, daily distance and range will be displayed correctly, too. The Speed Box 2 can be activated or deactivated with a short press on the WALK button. The microprocessor of the Speed Box 2 module has even been certified for the automotive industry. The installation of the Speed Box 2 module is easy; due to the shape of the plugs a faulty connection is not possible. This device is compatible with Bosch Active Line, Performance Line and Performance Line CX drive systems. more

Speedbox 2 for Bosch Speedbox 2 B Tuning for Bosch Speedbox 2 Platinum for Bosch

F PearTune MSO

PearTuneThe PearTune MSO “max speed off” is a recommendable tuning tool for electric bikes with Bosch drive systems (Active Line, Performance Line & Performance Line CX). This tuning device does not only shift the engines speed limitation from 25 km/h to 50 km/h (like most other tuning tools do), it takes away the speed limit completely. This means, at least theoretically, you can reach unlimited speed values with full engine support if you use the PearTune MSO tuning tool (the real maximum speed depends on the drive system you use). A great advantage of this tuning tool is that all parameters on your display will be shown correctly - for example, the current speed, average- and maximum-speed & distance (but there can be deviations in some variants). The device can be conveniently activated or deactivated via the electric bikes WALK button. The PearTune MSO is compatible with Intuvia- and Nyon-displays. more

PearTune MSO for Bosch

G Tuning SpeedChip / Configurable

SpeedChipThe Tuning SpeedChip is a tuning module for Bosch Active / Performance and CX Line drive systems. The special feature of this tuning tool is that it is equipped with a micro USB port to configure it via your PC. This enables you, for example, to set the maximum motor support to an individual level ranging from 15 km/h up to 75 km/h (about 46 mph). Another advantage of this device is that your Bosch display will still show the correct speed and kilometres (no halved values). You can activate / deactivate the tool conveniently by a short click on the WALK button. The Tuning Speedchip does not have to be uninstalled if you want to carry out Bosch updates. According to the manufacturer, the Tuning SpeedChip (configurable) is compatible with all the latest Bosch software versions and even with the new Intuvia displays. Please note: The manufacturer states the Tuning SpeedChip should be installed by a specialist.

SpeedChip for Bosch


SpeedChipThis tuning tool removes the speed limit completely. Please note, however, that sIMPLEk is a kit that has to be assembled by the customer himself using a soldering iron. So a little bit of DIY is needed here. But the installation of the assembled module itself is absolutely uncomplicated. After the installation the tuning can simply be activated by switching off and on the E Bike within 10 seconds after starting it. Even if the tuning is activated, the actual speed will still be displayed - but via the second digit and the decimal place of the electric bike´s speed display (14.5 km/h on the display would correspond to a real speed of 45 km/h etc.). After installation, sIMPLEk is no longer visible from the outside. Suitable for all Bosch Classic, Active, Performance & CX Line drives, optionally with HMI, NYON or PURION control unit. This tuning kit is absolutely recommendable for all customers with a little bit of manual dexterity, especially due to the low price.

sIMPLEk for Bosch