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sIMPLEk for Bosch
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sIMPLEk for Bosch

The sIMPLEk Tuning Tool completely takes away the 25 km/h (or 45 km/h) speed limitation of your Bosch E Bike, so that you can drive much faster than before with full engine support. Please note that this tuning tool is a kit which must be assembled before use (with the help of a soldering iron).

When tuning is activated, the current speed remains visible, but the actual speed is displayed by the second digit and the decimal place of the speed display. This means that if the Bosch display shows 10.0 km/h, the actual speed is 0 km/h. If the display shows (for example) 15.1 km/h, the real speed is actually 51 km/h, etc.

Maximum speed, total kilometres and mileage are displayed correctly - but these data are only adjusted after about 1 minute at standstill.

After the first installation of the sIMPLEk device, you must perform a calibration once. 

The sIMPLEk tuning tool has a total of 3 operating modes:

- 1:1 mode (E Bike behaves like in original condition)

- Tuning mode (unlimited support, theoretically up to 100 km/h)

- Calibration mode

To switch from one mode to the other, you have to switch off and restart the electric bike in the respective mode within approx. 10 seconds after starting. In other words: To activate the tuning, you just have to switch the bike on, off and on again within 10 seconds.

Tip: When soldering the sIMPLEk Tuning Tool together, you can bridge a certain connection (J1) on the board, so that the tuning mode is always directly activated as soon as you switch on the e-bike.

Made in Germany.

sIMPLEk for Bosch - Compatibility

- Bosch E Bikes with Classic Line from 2011 onwards.

- Bosch E Bikes gen2, gen3, gen4

Please note:

As already mentioned, the sIMPLEk Tuning Tool is supplied in the form of a kit consisting of 5 individual parts (board, microcontroller, capacitor, diode, industrial plug & male connector). According to the manufacturer's instructions, assembly should only be carried out by a qualified person, taking into account the applicable standards and regulations.

Of course, it is also possible to carry out the assembly yourself using a soldering iron. The assembly itself is simple and should not be a problem for people with a bit of manual skills. However, we do not accept any responsibility or liability for any errors or damage that may occur during assembly or soldering.

To install sIMPLEk, you have to open the motor housing and to remove a pedal crank. Then sIMPLEk simply has to be inserted between the speed sensor and the Bosch unit. After installation, sIMPLEk is not visible from the outside.

A detailed assembly and installation instruction can be found "here".


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