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Here you can find tuning tools which are compatible with the new Bosch 2020 E Bike drive systems - corresponding engines are often called "Bosch Gen4". The special feature of these drive systems is that they are equipped with a special anti-tuning software. This software is designed to use sensors to detect whether the E Bike has been tuned. If this is the case, a restricted mode is activated - this means that error code 504 appears in the display and the motor support is strongly reduced. As a rider, you can restore full functionality by riding for 90 minutes in the downgraded mode. But after that, the anti-tuning software becomes active again. From the third restoration onwards, the restricted mode can only be restored by a dealer using Bosch diagnostic tools. The purpose of this, of course, is to discourage riders from tuning or manipulating their E Bikes.

But fortunately there are already a considerable number of special tuning tools that can outsmart the Bosch tuning detection. That means that there are elegant solutions for the latest generation of Bosch engines as well, with which the annoying 25 km/h speed limit can easily be lifted. All tuning tools for Bosch 2020 drives that we offer in our shop have been tested on original Bosch Gen4 E Bikes. Please also note that Bosch Gen2 and Gen3 E Bikes from May 2019 onwards with software version are also equipped with tuning detection.

Bosch 2020 motor tuning

The most important Bosch Gen4 drives are revisions of existing drive systems, namely Performance Line and Performance Line CX.

The new Bosch Performance Line 2020 drive is very dynamic and is primarily aimed at hobby sportsmen as well as commuters, trekkers and tourers. When the engine is switched off or at speeds above 25 km/h, hardly any pedal resistance should be felt. The drive unit "Performance Cruise" has a torque of 65 Nm and is recently even equipped with an eMTB mode. With a support of up to 300% this drive can really impress.

The extremely powerful, robust Bosch Performance Line CX drives, on the other hand, have been specially designed for the requirements of e-mountainbikes. The Performance CX 2020 engine is much more compact than its predecessor and its weight has also been significantly reduced from 4 to only 2.9 kilograms. At the same time, the maximum degree of support has been increased from 300% to 340%, making steep climbs even easier to master. Again, there should be no pedal resistance at speeds above 25 km/h. The torque is 75 Nm. 

Other interesting Bosch 2020 drives include "Cargo Line Cruise" and "Cargo Line Speed". However, these were specially designed for e-cargobikes that have to transport heavy loads.

A few tips from our side:

  • Many tuning tools for the new Bosch Gen4 engines offer the option to set the level of maximum engine support to an individual value. However, some tuning manufacturers advise to set the maximum engine support to a maximum of 33-35 km/h (RedPed 2 and SpeedChip V3). With higher values it is possible that the anti-tuning software will recognize the tuning. Of course you can usually set higher values with the tuning tools, too - but you do this at your own risk. Therefore, we do not recommend optimizing above 35 km/h permanently. Consequently, simply do not drive faster than 35 km/h permanently with engine support! 
  • You should always drive a few kilometres with the new Bosch Gen4 engines before you install a tuning module. Doing so should further reduce the risk of the tuning being detected. 
  • Generally, we recommend being very careful with Bosch updates, even with older models. In fact, we do not recommend updates in general; there is no obligation to perform updates. It's not without reason that they say: "Never change a winning team!"


Tuning tools for Bosch 2020 / Gen4 E-Bike drive systems

Here we have compiled the best tuning tools for Bosch 2020 Gen4 E Bike drive systems. First and foremost the most comprehensive tool RedPed with control via a free iOS or Android app. The SpeedChip, which can be connected to the PC via USB cable, also stands out as a solution with optional features. The VOLspeed can be controlled very extensively via the Bosch display. And with the SpeedBox there is now a real classic among the Bosch tuning tools available for Gen4 engines. A completely different approach: The current Badass Box for Bosch - the contactless alternative. Just as impressive is the sIMPLEk solution with the stick: A dongle with real speed on the display and many other features. Brand new is the PearTune 3 module, which simply removes the speed limit completely. Only a solution especially for Bosch software E Bike tuning is missing so far...

Tip: These tuning tools also work with "old" Bosch engines (Gen 2 and Gen3) where the anti-tuning software has been installed as part of updates. The tools are therefore downward compatible. Please also note that Bosch Gen2 and Gen3 E Bikes from May 2019 onwards with software version are also equipped with the tuning detection. But this also means for all those who own a Bosch Gen2 and Gen3 engine, that only the new E Bike tuning products for Bosch 2020 engines make sense.

In general: The tuning tools for Bosch 2020 are not only compatible with the brand new Gen4 engines, but also with the old Gen2 and Gen3 drives (Bosch Active Line & Performance Line). They only do not work with Bosch Classic Line drive systems. The tuning tools are not upwards compatible with subsequent firmwares.

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