BionX Tuning

BionX Tuning


1 About BionX Engines

BionX has its headquarters in Ontario, Canada. The company produces high-quality electric bike drive systems since about 10 years. The BionX systems consist of three components, namely the engine, the battery and the control panel. In the meantime, BionX electric bicycle systems are being used from more than 30 well-known brands – among them famous manufacturers like Focus, Wheeler, Diamant, Kalkhoff, KTM, Raleigh, Riese & Müller and Univega. The first engine produced by BionX was a very effective (and successful) rear wheel motor, but since 2012 the company manufactures a front wheel motor, too. At first, this front motor was exclusively installed in Diamant electric bikes. Also well-known are the BionX conversion kits which can be used to convert normal bicycles into electric bikes with full motor support.

2 BionX Electric Bike Engines

BionX engines support the cyclists proportionally to their pedal input. This means: The stronger you pedal, the more engine support you will get. If you pedal weaker, you will get less engine support. If you stop to pedal entirely, there will be no engine support anymore. This works because a control processor analyses every single pedal input separately. BionX even managed to integrate rear wheel engines and hub gears, which wasn´t technically possible for a long time (BionX IGH3 drive system). This system is maintenance-free and scores with a really good driving behaviour.

Most BionX engines are rear motors which are often used in very sporty models (for example, in electric mountain bikes from KTM, Wheeler, Focus or Steppenwolf). The engines have four support modes. The advantages of the BionX system are the uncomplicated usability and the low weight. Something special about the BionX system is its capability for energy recuperation – this means, if you are braking, the motor turns the produced energy into electricity and loads it into the battery - which leads to an extended range. The “classic” BionX drive system is the G1 motor – a rear wheel engine with integrated power measurement. The follow-up model, the “SL Motor” has a reduced weight – apart from that the performance data are the same. The IGH3 drive system combines the advantages of a rear wheel engine and a gear hub.

The newest development is the BionX front wheel engine, which, for example, is being used in electric bikes from Diamant. BionX front engines are very well suited for City- and Everyday-Bikes, in particular because of the comfortable back pedal brake.

3 Is it possible to optimize / tune BionX engines?

Yes! Nowadays, there is at least one recommendable tuning tool, the JUM-Ped, which takes away the 25 km/h speed limit and therefore makes your electric bike much faster. Since very recently there is even another JUM-Ped version especially for BionX electric bikes which are equipped with the brand-new RC3 controller (and with or without a DS3 display).

4 What BionX Tuning Tools do exist?

At this point, we would like to present you recommendable tuning tools for BionX electric bike systems:

A JUM-Ped for BionX

JUM-Ped intuvia plugAs far as we know, there is only 1 tuning tool for BionX electric bike engines – but a really good one! The “JUM-Ped Vmax Remover” for BionX drive systems makes it possible to adjust the speed limit of the engine support any way you want to. You can set the maximum engine support from 1 to 70 (!) km/h (the actually reachable max speed depends on the used system). Alternatively, you can choose a preset value (25 / 35 / 45 / 55 / 65 km/h).

The installation and use of the JUM-Ped device is very easy and uncomplicated: You don´t need to remove the engine or the battery, and no special technical skills are required. Simply attach the JUM-Ped to your electric bikes plugs and use the 4 operating buttons and the LCD display to make the settings. Your advantage: Contrary to most other electric bike tuning tools, the JUM-Ped does not have to remain at the electric bike if the tuning is activated. If you want to undo the tuning, simply attach the JUM-Ped to the bike again and restore the original settings. After that, you can drive legally on public roads again.

If you use the JUM-Ped, you can not only make your BionX electric bike faster, you can even optimize it in other ways, too: For example, you can use the JUM-Ped to choose the maximum speed of the throttle control function, to set the mileage status or to count charge cycles etc.

The JUM-Ped-SE Vmax Remover for BionX electric bike systems works with all BionX drive systems with CanBus system (all firmware versions, all types of consoles like G1 / G2 / Ride / Ride+ and so on). Please note that the G1 console is a little exception: If you want the JUM-Ped to work properly with this console, you have to keep its ON/OFF button pressed while the JUM-Ped is activated in the programme step “Slave Mode”.

You can see: If you want to take away the speed limit of your BionX system and make your electric bike much faster in a very easy way, the JUM-Ped-SE is a perfect solution!

JUM-Ped for BionX


B JUM-Ped for BionX Electric Bikes with RC3 Controller

JUM-Ped intuvia plugThis is a version of the JUM-Ped especially developed for BionX electric bikes which are equipped with the new BionX RC3 controller (whether with or without a BionX DS3 display). The "JUM-Ped for BionX RC3" takes away the 25 km/h speed restriction completely - this allows you to drive much faster with full engine support. A great advantage of this tool is that the tuning process is extremely easy: Simply connect the JUM-Ped to your BionX system and use the four control buttons and the display to take away your electric bikes speed restriction. Once this is done, simply pull off the JUM-Ped again - that means, the device does not remain at your bike. Off course, you can undo the tuning and restore your electric bikes original condition whenever you want to. Please note: Each JUM-Ped for BionX with RC3 is strictly limited to exactly 1 BionX drive system.

JUM-Ped for BionX RC3