AEG Tuning


This company will be familiar to most people, since the AEG Aktiengesellschaft has been one of the world's largest electronic companies, especially known for high-quality household appliances such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, cooking appliances, etc. "AEG" stands for "Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft". The company was founded in Berlin in 1883 under the name "Deutsche-Edison-Gesellschaft für angewandte Elektricität".

In 1982, the company had to declare insolvency, but was then taken over by the Daimler-Benz AG. Finally, the AEG brand was sold to the Swedish Electrolux group. Electrolux in turn licensed the use of the AEG brand name, so that today various companies sell electrical goods under the AEG brand. The product range is therefore much larger than in earlier times - it no longer only includes household appliances, but also car radios, music systems, telephones, smartphones, various drive systems, etc.


2 AEG E Bike engines

In 2012, the first two AEG E Bike drive systems were presented at the EUROBIKE trade fair; the systems consisted of a mid-mounted-engine and a rear-wheel drive system. Initially, success was limited. But the AEG 2019 drive systems were a real improvement. The AEG range now includes at least four E Bike mid-mounted-engines and three front and rear engines. All these drives are used exclusively in Prophete E Bikes - there is a very close cooperation between Prophete and AEG, in which the common know-how is used to develop particularly high-quality E Bikes. The Prophete "Drive System 2020" is completely new and has even been awarded with the German Design Award 2019. The new system consists of a unit of motor and battery, which can be perfectly integrated into the frame of Prophete E Bikes.

The AEG mid-mounted motors in particular are considered to be real power packs, but at the same time they are extremely light and compact. In addition, they are almost noiseless. Meanwhile the AEG E Bike mid-engines are offered in five different variants for riders with different requirements, namely AEG ComfortDrive, AEG ComfortDrive C, AEG EcoDrive, AEG EcoDrive C & AEG SportDrive. All these drive systems are built into Prophete E Bikes.

3 Is it possible to optimize / tune AEG E Bike engines

Meanwhile, yes. Until recently, there were no tuning options worth mentioning for E Bikes with AEG drive systems, but now at least one tuning kit is available, with which you can remove the speed limitation of AEG engines.

4  Which tuning tools are available for AEG E Bike drive systems?


A µMBTK tuning-kit

µMBTK Tuning-KitThis tuning kit removes the speed limitation of E Bike drive systems completely. You can choose between 3 different operating modes. When the tuning is active, the speedometer shows only half of the real speed from approx. 23 km/h on. To install the tuning kit you have to cut the sensor cable of your E Bike and switch the tool in between. This tuning tool is compatible with various E Bike drives - including some for which there are no or almost no other tuning options - e.g. with AEG (e.g. ComfortDrive) or with Shimano drives with the new update (FW 4.7.0). In addition, the tool is also compatible with Bosch (Active, Performance, CX), Yamaha, Panasonic (e.g. Flyer Uproc) and various other Shimano drives (E6xxx, E7xxx, E8xxx).

µMBTK tuning-kit

A MBTK-S tuning-kit AEG

MBTK-S tuning kit AEGThis tuning tool completely removes the 25 km/h speed limitation of your E Bike, allowing you to finally enjoy the full potential of your AEG drive system. There are no further functions. To install the device, you must replace the original speed sensor of your E Bike with the MBTK-S. After the installation the speedometer will show only half of the real speed from approx. 23 km/h onwards. By reinstalling the original speed sensor, the original condition of the E bike can be restored at any time. Compatible with AEG Drive E Bike engines (equipped with common 3pole JST connector).

MBTK tuning-kit AEG