BadassBox 3.4 for Yamaha

BadassBox Typ 3.4 for Yamaha Electric Bike Tuning

This electric bicycle tuning tool removes the ..
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BadassBox Typ 3.4 for Yamaha Electric Bike Tuning

  • This electric bicycle tuning tool removes the 25 km/h speed limit of the Yamaha system and shifts the engine support from 25 km/h to (at least) 50 km/h.
  • The installation is very easy and can be done within a few seconds. Attach the Box to your electric bikes speed sensor - simply plug it in and fix it with an O-ring. Then slide the magnet on the bicycle spoke and your Yamaha system is tuned - now you can drive twice as fast with 100% motor support!
  • How does it work? After the installation, the badassBox 3.4 will halve the transmitted speed as soon as you reach a speed of approx. 18 km/h. This allows you to drive up to 50 km/h (≈30 mph) with the motor power still assisting. The badassBox contains a microprocessor which switches on and off automatically.
  • Please note: If the tuning is active, your electric bike display will only show half of the real speed. This means: If your display shows a speed of, for example, "25 km/h", in reality you are riding with a speed of 50 km/h etc.
  • The device has no electrical contact to the Yamaha system.
  • The use on public roads is not allowed, but luckily you can undo the tuning and put your electric bike back in its original condition whenever you want to. Simply remove the Box and slide the magnet back to its original position. Now the motor support will stop at 25 km/h (like it did before) and you can drive your electric bike legally on public roads again.
  • The energy supply of the badassBox Type 3.4 comes from a watch battery cell with an operational distance of approx. 6000 km or one year (Battery discharge). This is made possible by a special low-power-technology. Of course, you can replace the battery without any problems.
  • The size of the badassBox is similar to a matchbox (50mm x 46mm x 23mm). With a weight of only 33 gram it can be stown away easily.
  • In comparison with the older versions of the badassebikes Chiptuning Box, the new badassBox 3.4 has been vastly improved. The housing of the Box has been strengthened, the electronics enhanced and the firmware is better adapted to the diverse engines of the respective electric bicycle manufacturers. The new badassBox Type3.4 is less sensitive to vibrations and bumps than ever before and 100% splash proof.

Where is the correct Position for the Magnet if I use the BadassBox?
Maybe you ask yourself about the correct position of the magnet on the bicycle spoke if you use the badassBox to tune your electric bike. Unfortunately, it is not possible to tell you a generally valid position, because there can be great differences from one electric bike to another.
If you got problems with the positioning of the magnet, we recommend the following procedure:

  1. Plug the badassBox into the speed sensor of your electric bike and fix it with a rubber ring. Important: Try to position the magnets front surface upwards or downwards.
  2. Place the magnet approx. 2 cm behind the box towards the wheel centre.
  3. Rotate the wheel at least five times (or more) and check out if the display indicates the speed. Important: You have to rotate the wheel at least five times; otherwise the Box has no ample opportunity to awake from a possible Standby mode.
  4. If the display shows no speed, slide the magnet 2 mm further towards the Chiptuning Box.
  5. If a speed is shown, you can slide the magnet 1 mm further towards the Box.
  6. Now the magnet has the correct position on the bicycle spoke.

If you execute this procedure, the correct positioning of the magnet should be no problem anymore. We hope this information was helpful for you.

Please note: Li-Ion batteries (size: CR2) are not included.

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