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The Badass Box 4 removes the 25 km/h speed limit of your E-Bike completely. Made in Germany.
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Badass Box 4 for Polini

The proven Badass Box is now also available in a version especially for E-Bikes with Polini E-P3 drive systems.

You are the proud owner of an E-Bike with Polini engine, but you don't want to face the annoying 25 km/h speed limit anymore? Then we can recommend the Badass Box 4 for Polini - an ingenious tuning tool that completely removes the 25 km/h limitation!

Enjoy the full power of the Polini motor and ride faster than ever with full engine support - the Badass Box 4 makes it possible!

The proven Badass Box tuning tools are known for their not very complicated installation - for example, in contrast to some other E-Bike tuning tools it is not necessary to open the engine.

You can also restore your E-Bike to its original legal condition at any time - all you have to do is remove the Badass Box and move the spoke magnet a little. You don't even need tools to do this!

The Badass Box 4 is a quality product Made in Germany.

Contactless E-Bike tuning

The Badass Box 4 lifts the 25 km/h speed limit by transmitting a modified signal. This allows the pre-set speed restriction to be exceeded. This is done without contact and without electrical connection to the engine. There is also no direct intervention in the engine electronics or software. So there is no danger of unintentional damage.

Please note: Due to the special way the Badass Box works, the E-Bike display will no longer show the correct speed when the tuning is active (this also applies to values derived from the speed).

Therefore our tip: Simply use mobile, GPS-enabled additional devices such as bicycle computers or smartphones to display the real values when you are on the road (current speed, kilometres travelled, etc.).#

Advantages over previous versions

Compared to the previous models, the Badass Box 4 has been improved in many ways, making it the most effective version of this tuning tool ever:

The housing of the box has been completely redesigned and made slimmer so that it can no longer be too narrow when installed (the sensor application is now only a minimum of 3 mm, less is hardly possible).

The O-ring of the previous version has been replaced by a new, patented snap lock. This means that the box can now be put on and taken off more easily than ever before – within seconds and with just one hand.

In response to customer requests, an additional, optional fixing with a cable tie on the snap lock is now also possible.

The previous CR2 battery of the Badass Box 4 has been replaced by a more powerful AAA battery. This battery has a very long range and only needs to be changed about once a year. No tools are required to replace the battery, and suitable replacement batteries can be found almost everywhere in the trade. The high range is made possible by the patented, specially developed FEET field enhancement technology ("Field Enhancement & Elimination Technology").

Robust and durable

Since the electronics of the Badass Box 4 are glued into the housing with a special casting compound (originally from the automotive industry!) and completely sealed, the tool is protected against moisture and mechanical stress. As part of a double quality control, each individual Badass Box is tested for correct functionality before and after the encapsulation.

Badass Box 4 for Polini – Installation

The Badass Box 4 can be installed and uninstalled without much effort.

The Badass Box 4 must be fitted over the Polini speed sensor next to the rear wheel. As soon as the snap lock clicks into place, the box is securely attached to the sensor. Optionally, the Badass Box can also be secured with a cable tie.

During the first assembly you have to replace the original magnet with the supplied spoke magnet. Without the Badass Box, the spoke magnet works just like the original magnet - but it is necessary for the patented FEET field amplification technology to work when the Badass Box is attached.

After the Badass Box has been placed on the sensor, you must move the new spoke magnet towards the edge of the housing in the direction of the snap lock. If the magnet touches the box, you must place the magnet as close as possible to the box and turn it by 90°. Now the installation is finished - your Polini E-Bike is tuned and there is no more 25 km/h speed limitation!

If you want to undo the tuning and return the E-Bike to its legal original state, you simply have to remove the box and put the spoke magnet back in its original position. The motor support will then end at 25 km/h again.

Badass Box 4 for Polini – Technical data

  • Dimensions: 61 x 40 x 15 mm
  • Weight: 27g (with battery 37g)
  • Battery: 1.5V AAA battery (IEC R03)

Badass Box 4 for Polini – Compatibility

This Badass Box is compatible with E-Bikes with Polini E-P3 mid-mounted engines.

Scope of delivery

  • Badass Box 4 for Polini
  • AAA battery
  • Spoke magnet with thumb screw


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