ASA B32.14 (20 mph)

The Product Features of the ASA B32.14 Tuning Tool: The ASA takes away the 32 km/..
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Product Description

The Product Features of the ASA B32.14 Tuning Tool:

  • The ASA takes away the 25 km/h speed limitation of electric bicycles with Bosch gen2 & gen3 engines in all modes.
  • The functionality of your HMI will not be affected: Speed, km, max-speed and average speed will still be shown correctly.
  • High-tech product with microprocessor-based microelectronics.
  • Installation without damage to the cables / you can undo the tuning whenever you want and restore your bikes original condition.
  • Self-calibration for different wheel sizes.
  • The light functiion will not be affected, too.
  • The electronic system of the tool can be controlled via the HMI.
  • There are no additional switches, cables or dongles necessary or visible.
  • Robust & splashproof design.
  • Use status LEDs for functional control during the installation process.
  • The device has user-programmable functions, too.
  • Not suitable for Bosch Classic Line engines and older models.
  • Note: You need special tools to install this device: crank puller

Scope of Delivery:

 1x ASA B32.14 tuning module
, 1x installation guide
Legal Statement and Liability Disclaimer

  • We want to point out that the use of tuning devices like the ASA is not allowed on public roads, because these tools manipulate the speed of your bike. You may only use electric bike tuning tools on private, closed areas or on designated routes.
  • No liability is assumed for any current or future damages to persons and / or objects caused by the improper use / installation / deinstallation of the ASA tuning tool.
  • You have to use the ASA for Bosch E Bikes at your own risk.
  • The manufacturer´s warranty of your electric bicycle may be limited or can completely expire if you make your bike faster with tuning tools.
  • Please drive carefully. We recommend to wear security clothing and a bicycle helmet.

Special Tools to open the Bosch engine:

Bosch Active & Performance Line (Gen2): “Crank Remover”.

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Additional Information
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