ASA B25.13

Tuning Tool for electric bikes with Bosch Classic Line engines.
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Product Description

Tuning Tool for electric bikes with Bosch Classic Line engines (Gen1, until construction year 2014)

The ASA B25.13 is a tuning tool which removes the 25 km/h speed limit of Bosch Classic Line electric bicycles without making any concessions to the functionality of your HMI. This means: It does not matter if the tuning is actived or not, your HMI display will always show the actual driven speed. After the installation, the motor assistance is not longer limited to 25 km/h and much higher speeds are possible with full motor assistance. Also, no error code "102" will be generated in 2:1 gear ratio situations. If you use the ASA tuning device, your Bosch electric bike will work exactly like it did before - the only difference is, that the 25 km/h speed limitation is removed (ASA B25). Please note, that the use of electric bicycle tuning tools is not alowed on public roads. Devices like the ASA tuning tool are meant to be used for sporting purposes on private property only. If you use tuning tools, your electric bike warranty may expire, too.

ASA B25.13 - Product Features at a Glance:

  • The ASA takes away the 25 km/h speed limitation of electric bicycles with Bosch Performance / Active Line engines in the all modes.
  • Microprocessor-based microelectronics
  • Functionality of the HMI is retained, in particular the tachometer and auxiliary functions like km, max-speed, average speed etc.
  • Installation doesn´t damage the cables and thus the possibility of a simple return to the original status
  • Self-calibration for different wheel sizes
  • The light function continue to be available for the primary purpose
  • The electronic system can be operated via the controls of the HMI
  • No additional switches, cables, dongles, etc. are necessary or visible
  • Robust, waterproof design
  • Status LEDs for function control during installation
  • User-specific functions programmable
  • For Bosch electric bikes from year 2011-2012 (HMI) , 2013 Intuvia incl. 2014 Classic Line
  • Not suitable for Active and Performance Line 2014
  • Important: For installation you need special tools which are not included - a crank puller and the Bosch Spider.

Scope of Delivery

: 1x ASA B25.13 tuning module,
 1x installation guide

Legal Statement and Liability Disclaimer

  • We would like to point out that the use of electric bicycle tuning tools like the ASA is not allowed on public roads, because these devices manipulate the speed of your electric bike. You may only use devices like the ASA on private, closed areas or on designated routes.
  • No liability is assumed for any current or future damages to persons and / or objects caused by the improper use / installation / deinstallation of the ASA.
  • You have to use the ASA for Bosch Electric Bikes at your own risk.
  • The manufacturer´s warranty of your electric bike may be limited or expire if you use tuning tools like the ASA.
  • If you use the ASA: Please drive carefully, wear security clothing and a helmet optimized for electric bicycles.

Special tools to open the Bosch engine:

Bosch Classic Line (Gen1): “Spider & Crank Remover”.

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